I’m Anne Hayman.
sacred sister :: wise woman
witchy crystal oracle :: earth mama
holistic health practitioner :: intuitive artist
moon temple priestess :: fire keeper

sun: libra   moon: capricorn   rising: libra

I created The Moon Sisterhood to give women access to sacred rituals, tools + divine information. I love what I do + that it can connect you with the wise woman within + inspire you to create your own rituals to find your personal power in sacred space.

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I gracefully expand into this woman that stands before you in this very moment.

I saw myself as an older woman in a vision when I was 19.

I have been working towards becoming her this whole time.

{I also saw myself as who I have been. It was wild. But that’s for another time.}

I knew what I was doing, even if it didn’t look like it to some of the people around me.

I was living in trust, following the shiny path, following my gut.


Even though my seemingly random choices of study looked like I didn’t know what I wanted to some, they were perfect choices now that I look back. Midwifery school, the naturopathic studies, that time I lived 20 miles off the grid in northern California to grow our own food + do an herbal apprenticeship + wildcraft herbs to make medicine… to becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner + an Esthetician + working in 5 star resort spas… then on to my obsession with photoshop + blogging + digital media… Each step along the way has brought me here.


When you follow your intuition + live in trust you can’t judge anything as good or bad anymore. You just need to trust that the universe has your back.


INITIATION {AKA: Discovering + nurturing the wise woman within} facilitates this awareness.


It strengthens your intuition.

It helps you see the path ahead, assisting you in taking inspired action.

It empowers us + allows us to find true alignment.

It awakens the lightworkers + raises the vibration of this planet.


I am blessed to be of service here in The Moon Sisterhood as a guide through this process of initiation.

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Discover the wise woman within.

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The Holistic Planner + Workbooks

The Holistic Planner + Workbooks

These planners + workbooks are created for amazing women that are planning + celebrating high-vibe lives!

Moon Energy Work

Moon Energy Work

Connect with the wise woman within + our sister, the moon. Learn how she affects you + how to harness her power.

#5DaysOfRituals E-Course

#5DaysOfRituals E-Course

Join me for five days of ritual to create a new morning practice that works for you, or revitalize an existing practice.

Apprenticeships + Group Programs

Apprenticeships + Group Programs

Learn how to connect with the wise woman within {AKA: your intuition} + raise your vibration instantly