MORNING RITUAL 101: #5DaysOfRitual E-Course + Virtual Retreat


Join me for five days of ritual to create a new morning practice that works for you, or revitalize an existing practice.

I’ve chosen my 5 fave rituals that will raise your vibration instantly + have you feeling grounded, connected + aligned with your intentions so that you can take inspired action.

You’ll connect with wise women around the world, raising your vibration + that of the collective. Together in synergy, we become a powerful source of love + light.

I’ve included a custom printable workbook + journal + an oracle card set on the Welcome Packet page on our private membership site. You'll receive the link in a PDF that you download right after enrolling.

This challenge will kickstart your spiritual practice + help you to customize a morning ritual that meets your needs. A practice that when done daily, will keep your vibration high + allow you to be the biggest + brightest version of yourself.

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Product Description

We all have a morning ritual whether we realize it or not…


For some people it looks like getting up at 5 am to go exercise or do yoga before they go to work. To move their body to feel energized + grounded.


For some it’s rolling out of bed 10 minutes before they need to leave. They need coffee to energize themselves. They begin the day feeling tired + unfocused.


For others it’s getting up a 1/2 hr early to have coffee before taking kids to school. Taking some time to go within + begin the day feeling peaceful + grounded.


What is your morning ritual?


Do you include mindfulness + energy practices to raise your vibration, or do you just throw yourself out into the world unprepared + exhausted?


You have an opportunity to raise your vibration each morning before you do anything.


We are always subconsciously trying to raise our vibration. When we awaken, we need that space before we do something… to do SOMETHING that prepares us for the transition from dreaming to taking action. We say it just makes us “feel better” right?


Our morning experience can determine if we have a “good day” or a “bad day”. It sets up our perception for our experience of the events that occur throughout our day.


If we feel grounded + peaceful + energized, we are better able to make decisions. We feel more connected to our intuition + are able to quickly assess situations, leading to a reduction in stress.


But see how important this time is? How powerful it is?


Wanna learn how to take advantage of this opportunity?


I created this program to teach you how to create a morning ritual that creates a sacred container for your day. It uses that urge we have at the start of our day to begin it with the highest vibration possible.

I love ritual.


It keeps me grounded + aligned with my intentions. It is a spiritual practice that empowers me.


So back in 2016, I did a 100 day project on instagram @themoonsisterhood that I named #100daysofritual.


{here’s more info on that project}


Basically I posted a pic of my morning rituals on instagram everyday for 100 days. It included creating sacred space, my oracle + tarot card sets, my morning practice, my book of the day readings, etc… I documented + shared my rituals to help other women remember the wise woman within. I hoped that my posts would make women feel empowered + remind them that they too can create sacred space in their lives.


I’ve gotten so many requests for help setting up a morning ritual, so I set up #5daysofritual to introduce my top 5 fave ways to raise your vibration quickly so you can start everyday out right!


It is perfect timing. With the heavy energy present right now, I decided to host this virtual retreat to help us all get grounded + reconnect with the wise woman within us.


We need some space to come back to center, discover clarity + prepare ourselves to take inspired action.


This year ushers in a large shift in consciousness + if you’re awake + aware, you’re feeling it.


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Join me for five days of ritual, in a unique e-course to get you started using rituals in your spiritual practice, or to revitalize an existing practice.




Each day I will send you content via email


There will be a short video each day with instructions for that day’s ritual + a call to action. We will be connecting in our facebook group to discuss + share + inspire.


Here’s what our sisters are saying about #5DaysOfRitual:


Maria La Posta

Priestess / Starlight Healing Center

Working with The Moon Sisterhood has helped me to expand my healing practice. It's revitalized my spiritual biz.

Allegra Hart N.D.

/ Natura Naturopathic Clinic

I so appreciate the connection with other women in The Moon Sisterhood.

Vera Oman

I love The Moon Sisterhood's rituals. I always feel so much more grounded + balanced afterward!


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