The UNhustle: #5DaysOfRitual E-Course + Virtual Retreat

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Join me for five days of ritual to create a new morning practice that works for you, or revitalize an existing practice.

I’ve chosen my 5 fave rituals that will raise your vibration instantly + have you feeling grounded, connected + aligned with your intentions so that you can take inspired action.

You’ll connect with wise women around the world, raising your vibration + that of the collective. Together in synergy, we become a powerful source of love + light.

I’ve included a custom printable workbook + journal + an oracle card set on the Welcome Packet page on our private membership site. You’ll receive the link in a PDF that you download right after enrolling.

This challenge will kickstart your spiritual practice + help you to customize a morning ritual that meets your needs. A practice that when done daily, will keep your vibration high + allow you to be the biggest + brightest version of yourself.

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Product Description

I love ritual.


It keeps me grounded + aligned with my intentions. It is a spiritual practice that empowers me.

If you know me, maybe you’ve seen my 100 day project on instagram @themoonsisterhood that I named #100daysofritual.


{here’s more info on that project}


Basically I posted a pic of my daily rituals on instagram everyday for 100 days. It included creating sacred space, my oracle + tarot card sets, my morning practice, my book of the day readings, etc… I documented + shared my rituals to help other women remember the wise woman within. I hope that my posts make women feel empowered + that they too can create sacred space in their lives. I got such an amazing response with women wanting to join me for 100 days! It’s been so beautiful. Search the hashtag #100daysofritual on instagram to see all the posts!


I’ve also gotten so many requests for a shorter version of my #100daysofritual project so here it is!


It is perfect timing. With the heavy energy present right now, I decided to host this virtual retreat to help us all get grounded + reconnect with the wise woman within us.


We need some space to come back to center, discover clarity + prepare ourselves to take inspired action.


This year ushers in a large shift in consciousness + if you’re awake + aware, you’re feeling it.


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Join me for five days of ritual, in a unique e-course to get you started using rituals in your spiritual practice, or to revitalize an existing practice.




Each day I will send you content via email


There will be a short video each day with instructions for that day’s ritual + a call to action. We will be connecting in our facebook group to discuss + share + inspire.


Here’s what our sisters are saying about #5DaysOfRitual:


Maria La Posta

Priestess / Starlight Healing Center

Working with The Moon Sisterhood has helped me to expand my healing practice. It's revitalized my spiritual biz.

Allegra Hart N.D.

/ Natura Naturopathic Clinic

I so appreciate the connection with other women in The Moon Sisterhood.

Vera Oman

I love The Moon Sisterhood's rituals. I always feel so much more grounded + balanced afterward!


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