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The UNhustle: Instagram Mastermind


Always feel like you're hustlin to get more followers on instagram? Maybe you're new to instagram, or perhaps you've had an account for awhile… Maybe you've tried a few of those free IG trainings + maybe even paid for an e-course, but still feel kinda lost? Are you posting pics only to get no interaction + you're still stuck with only 346 followers? Want more than just another e-course with the same old regurgitated info you can find online for FREE?


The UNhustle Instagram Mastermind is designed to create an experiential learning environment to help Sacred Business Owners harness the power of Instagram to build momentum + share their offerings with the world.


  • Learn how to use instagram without having to hustle til you burn out.
  • Try a new way of attracting followers ORGANICALLY that actually works!
  • Find out how to use IG to make more $$$
  • Connect + network with other influencers to promote yourself in a way that doesn't feel icky or salesy. 


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Today, The Moon Sisterhood has 33K Instagram followers and counting. It wasn’t always this way though. Back when I started Instagram with @indielovely, I struggled just to get to 3,000.


When I finally hit 3,668 followers (and stayed stuck there for a whole six months) I decided that it was time to shake things up in a bigger, better way.


So, I started a brand new account. @TheMoonSisterhood was born in February 2016. Within a year, I had 20K followers. And I had almost DOUBLED my income. All within a year!


I tried all kinds of strategies to get more followers, from following hashtags to doing giveaways + s4s’s {exchanging shout-outs with other accounts}, to paying for ads on influencer accounts. I quickly discovered what worked + what didn’t.


The Unhustle Instagram Mastermind is a compilation of all my experience, with my best strategies, my favorite tricks, and my biggest time-saving tips.


Hustle less + Make more $$$ = More time for what you love!


I know that seems hard to believe. Working less + making more money just seems impossible. But when you take the hours for dollars part out of the equation, you can create a system that works for you with a LOT LESS action on your end of it.


The UNhustle Instagram Mastermind is designed to create an experiential learning environment. You will be in a group of like-minded high vibe women + learn how to use your sacred synergy to amplify the vibration of the group.


By joining together, our combined energy is much stronger than each individual part. Together we work less + get a bigger result.




  • How to craft a beautiful + engaging profile
  • How to create an account that matches + enhances your brand to attract the right followers
  • A whole new way of growing + using instagram to make $$
  • The things businesses are doing wrong on IG that turns off followers instantly
  • How to do a giveaway + include other influencers to gain followers quickly
  • About the IG algorithms + why I don’t worry when they change
  • How to create meaningful posts that have your followers coming back for more
  • How to use the story feature to engage the followers you already have + my secret strategy to using this feature to gain new ones




  • A printable workbook that helps you stay on track
  • My “created with ease” templates developed after running this program with wise women from around the world
  • Q+A hot seat sessions each week in our fb group {AKA: 1:1 coaching!}
  • A facebook group to engage + ask questions
  • Instant feedback in our weekly check-in sessions




We will meet LIVE in a virtual classroom where we can see each other {or you can just listen if you choose} there will be a recording sent out so if you miss it, you can still participate.


Take the time before we meet to implement your new knowledge.


We will meet for 2 LIVE sessions together:




We will learn together for the LIVE calls, but then break down into smaller pods for the inspired action part of the sessions. I hand pick the groups to ensure that the energies of each group are balanced.

{Or you can join the course with your team or a group of friends to work with if you choose.}


Develop relationships with other influencers + wise women in the group through our weekly collaboration projects


You will walk away with a clear plan of inspired action + will see results each week as we put the content to work!




EMAIL ME TO ADD YOUR SELF TO THE WAIT LIST FOR THE NEXT SESSION!Once you purchase, you will get a welcome guide PDF via email. Download it + get yourself set up to receive my emails + the invites to our LIVE calls + replays. You’ll also get your group invite. Join there + introduce yourself! I can’t wait to see you there. We will have a welcoming ceremony + joining ritual before we get started. The dates are all in your welcome packet. If you have any questions, email me at



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Alexis Saloutos

Alexis Saloutos

Holistic Healer / Founder of Chakredy®

The Moon Sisterhood brings ancient wisdom + magic to everything. Their rituals + courses help me explore deeper and deeper parts of myself. I leave every experience feeling held in the mystery with love.


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