I know you may have felt the nudges + the whispers recently from the wise woman within you. She has been guiding you on your path whether you have noticed her or not.


She is your intuition, your spirit guide, your inner knowing.

I am here to help you uncover her brilliance, to make her voice just a little bit louder {or perhaps she’s already yelling at you, but maybe you need some assistance decoding the wisdom that she shares with you?}


Understanding the 3rd chakra unlocks your personal power. Learning how to navigate this incredible gift we have within us will help you to reclaim the powerful energy within you.


Join me for a FREE third chakra workshop + virtual retreat 10/2-10/6


tribal woman posing outdoors


  • learn about the body’s energy system + the chakras
  • daily emails: you’ll get new content each day to discover more about the 3rd chakra
  • LIVE chats about each day’s content PLUS: Q+A
  • experiential learning: I’ll teach you the ritual, then we’ll do it together
  • beautiful inspiring images + printable worksheets + flashcards to help you learn visually
  • experience a grounding meditation {because the root chakra affects the third in so many ways}
  • assess your third chakra: understand how this energy imprint affects you
  • learn how to include crystals, essential oils + vibrational healing modalities
  • reclaim your energy with a cord cutting ritual
  • learn a quick movement protocol that connects you to your energy body
  • create an EASY morning ritual that empowers you + raises your vibration each day before you do anything else
  • join wise women from around the world for a virtual retreat on the last day of the workshop in our facebook group


Sign up + I’ll send you the welcome packet so you can join us in ritual next week



see you soon!


anne siggy new

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